Flowback Equipment Rentals

At Cajun Energy, we provide premium flowback and well testing equipment rentals for oil field and natural gas applications. Our convenient equipment yards in Midland, TX, Big Lake, TX, and Carlsbad, NM, allow us to offer you the quickest rental turnaround in the industry while our experienced staff will help you with customized solutions. View our product lines below or contact us today for more information!

We currently serve every major shale play in the continental United States. Cajun Energy Services offers a full line of well-maintained flowback rental equipment.

Test Separators

Test separators help well development & production as well as post-production cleanup for freshly completed or stimulated wells. From 20” to 72” vessels Cajun Energy Services has many sizes of test separators in our rental selection. Our separators can work with most applications, so contact us for further O&G separator sizing.

Sand Separators

Most sand separator projects involve newly developed wells, though sand and other matter can appear when water production is increased, after gas injections, and during post-production well cleanup. Whether 5K or 10 K cyclonic or gravity fed, our sand separators are flanged with 1502 crossovers, NACE-coded and skid-mounted.

Line Heaters

Cajun Energy line heaters feature 10,000 PSI coils and can be put to use for a wide range of applications. Our line heaters help prevent sudden pressure drops while maintaining optimal flow temperatures.

Plug Catchers

Our skid-mounted plug catchers transport easily and facilitate easy unloading and installation. Cajun Energy’s plug catchers are rated for 15000 PSI and include 6’ x 6‘ dual-barrel with 3″ inlets and 2″ outlets with bypass.

Flow Iron & Pipe Trailers

Our flow iron packages come on monorail pipe trailers with 12-volt winches with a 3000 lb. vertical lift capacity. We provide flow iron components including lengths of iron, nineties, plug valves, five-valve choke manifolds, crossovers, and adapters.


Cajun Energy offers frac manifolds with 5-Valve or 9- Dual Choke configurations in both Standard 2” x 2” or 3” x 3” Sizes. Our units can be set up and torn down quickly and safely.

Flare Stacks

Burn off excess vapors and liquids with our flare stacks. They measure 40′ tall, 4” to 6” in diameter, and include onboard hydraulics for easy lifting/lowering of the flare boom.

Flowback Equipment Rentals

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