Sand Separators

Cajun Energy provides sand separators for your O&G operation, allowing you to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Our oilfield sand separators help protect downstream equipment from any potential blockages or damage, thus saving you time and money.

Most projects involving sand separators for wells involve newly developed wells, but sand and other solid matter can appear if water production is increased, after gas injections, low-pressure production, and post-production well cleanup. Our expertly designed sand separators can withstand the most demanding operating requirements when it comes to inclement weather or high-volume sediment elimination.

We carry both Cyclonic sand traps as well as Gravity Fed sand traps.

All our sand separators are skid-mounted, flanged with 1502 crossovers, and are NACE coded and ASME “U”-stamped.

Our standard Gravity Fed sand separator rental fleet includes:

  • 5K PSI W.P. 16″ – 20″ Vessels
  • 10K PSI W.P. 24″ Vessels

Our Cyclonic sand separator rental fleet includes:

  • 5K psi W.P. 20” Vessels
  • 10K PSI W.P. 24” Vessels

Anytime you require our oil field sand traps, Cajun Energy works to provide you the fastest delivery we can to help you get your operation started as soon as possible.

What Is a Sand Separator?

A sand separator (sometimes referred to as a sand trap separator or simply sand traps) separates sand and other particles from water. The solid material drops into another vessel where it can then be removed. It is often used as a first “barrier” to remove most solid matter in water before other filters complete the final cleaning. Oil and gas sand separators help reduce the time and effort required to maintain downstream equipment.

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