Oilfield Water Transfer Services & Management

The speed-to-fulfillment and strategic locations of Cajun Energy Services puts us among the top water transfer companies in the industry. Oilfield water services are critical for successful well completion and production, so don’t leave it to chance!

Our water management solutions include the following competencies:

Pit to Pit Transfer

The demand for water is constantly on the rise. We know that produced water and fresh water presents challenges, but pit engineers are developing lining systems and frac wastewater recycling systems that can improve the cost-efficiency of your operations.

Whether you need to transport produced water or fresh water through above ground lay-flat pipe to a pit that uses dissolved air flotation, oxidation, or flocculation, or you need water from an already treated pit transferred to your wellhead, we have you covered. Our team can help with pit to pit treated and produced water transfer with our miles of fast line poly piping and lay flat hose.

Downhole Transfer

Help your company to get the water needed for your frac. The processing and moving of produced water and fresh water can pose environmental and cost problems. The oilfield water services team at Cajun Energy can improve the efficiency of your operations with our downhole transfer services.

Poly Pipeline

Cajun Energy can provide polyethylene piping for your oil and gas operation that are in accordance with the strictest safety and operational standards. We provide sizing all the way from 10” and 12” even down to 2” poly, along with custom manifolds and risers, and also provide flow system.

Saltwater Disposal (SWD)

Whenever you require saltwater disposal services, our team can support your needs. Flowback water generated during oil and gas extraction is often toxic which requires experts to dispose of it properly. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop strong working relationships with and knowledge of the major saltwater disposal facilities in each region. We can help provide manpower until your SWD comes to automation. We can run pumps to settling tanks and collect trucking tickets and also skim for oil.

Water Sourcing

We assist you with the identification and evaluation of source water for your oil and gas needs. Cajun Energy also helps address location specific rules and regulations that can complicate your water sourcing and acquisition process needs. Our strategically positioned offices conveniently allow us to provide water sourcing services quickly.

Hose Deployment

Cajun Energy helps you with your water transfer needs with our hose deployment services. When you need to transport large quantities of water we can help you deploy the rugged hoses required for rigorous conditions.

Pump Operators

We retain a team of highly trained pump operators prioritize communication and teamwork to ensure that important data always gets to the right person. Part of what makes us so competitive is our strategically placed bases- we are optimized to get to location as soon as possible.


The roustabouts at Cajun Energy are professionals with the experience necessary to operate advanced oilfield water management equipment and follow safety protocols in challenging environments. Many of our water transfer personnel possess backgrounds in construction and engineering industries and have completed several preparation and safety courses.

Water Transfer Services

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