Test Separators

Cajun Energy has a wide range of test separators available for rent. Our equipment will help you operate efficiently to gather the oil, gas, and water measurements required while ensuring everyone’s safety at the same time.

We are pleased to offer an extensive selection of high-quality, durable test separators for well testing with corrosion resistance. Whether you need help exploring active onshore/offshore wells, resource extraction, or well development- our test separator rental equipment will help save you time and money.

Cajun Energy has many different sizes of test separators in our rental fleet.

All test separators for well testing are equipped with:

  • Cameron 2000 Digital Readers
  • Turbine Meters for Both Oil and Water with Y-Strainers
  • Equipped with High and Low Safety Level Kills
  • 1/2″ – 2″ Orifice Plates Accompany Each Unit

All our trailer mounted and portable test separators are ASME certified and fully compliant with international standards. Our test separator skid packages can be configured for almost any application – contact us today for a quote or more information about our rental test separators.

Our test separator rental fleet includes:

  • 20″-MMCF 1440 PSI W.P.
  • 24″-MMCF 1440 PSI W.P.                                   
  • 30″-MMCF 1440 PSI W.P.
  • 36″-MMCF 1440 & 2000 PSI W.P.
  • 42″-MMCF 1440 PSI W.P.
  • 48″-MMCF 1440 PSI W.P.
  • 56” MMCF 1440 PSI W.P.
  • 72” MMCF 1440 PSI W.P.

Whatever your needs may be, Cajun Energy goes above and beyond to make sure they’re met. Contact our expert staff for help today!

What Is a Test Separator?

Test separators are essential to well development and production or in post-production cleanup of newly completed or stimulated wells. They typically consist of a self-contained modular unit including a storage vessel, multiple measuring systems to detect gas and oil flow rates, and pneumatic controllers and valves that help relieve excessive pressure.

Test separators separate oil, water, gas, and occasionally solids into individual streams in order to measure them accurately. Two-phase separators simply extract oil and gas from water. Three-phase separators separate the  oil, gas, and water extracted from the well for analysis. Four-phase separators extract solid material or sand.

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