Manifold Trailers

Our manifold trailers are built for the most rugged applications, making it ideal for use in the harsh conditions of oil and gas industries. All our equipment undergoes rigorous safety tests and regular inspections so it can operate at maximum efficiency without sacrificing safety. Our regular maintenance ensures that each valve is operating properly so your project can run smoothly.

Our manifold trailers are simple to hookup and disconnect, and we offer a variety of models and specifications. Cajun Energy works with you to determine which kind would best fit your operation and needs. Our convenient locations near every major American shale play allow us to conveniently assist you, reducing the amount of downtime and expensive costs.

What Are Manifold Trailers?

Manifold trailers assist hydraulic fracturing operations. These mobile units house different types of flow lines to help deliver fluids to the well bore. They need to be tough, durable, and high-quality to withstand the high-pressure flow and constant vibrations on the jobsite.

Cajun Energy provides premium, top-of-the-line manifold trailers to help you reduce production downtime and ensure your team’s safety. Contact us today to learn more!

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