Lay Flat Hoses

Cajun Energy offers polyurethane lay flat hoses for your high-volume water transfer needs in the oil field. Lay flat hoses make it easier for you to transfer and manage large quantities of fluids while allowing you to deploy and retrieve miles of hose much quicker than other methods.

Our heavy-duty lay flat water pipe rentals are the perfect solution for fracking and dewatering applications in extreme terrain and weather conditions. Whenever you need flexibility, maneuverability, and the ability to handle impressive flow, our premium 12” and 10” lay flat hoses will do the trick.

What Are Lay Flat Hoses?

Lay flat water hoses allow for easier high-volume water transfers by making it faster to roll out and retrieve the hose. By decreasing the time and effort needed to deploy and retrieve the hose, we help you save precious time and money when compared to pipes made of heavier material. It is also a safer option for workers, reducing the number of potential injuries.

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