Plug Catchers

Cajun Energy plug catchers feature dual barrels for continuous filtration and help you safely and efficiently remove solid debris. Our rental fleet meets the safety standards needed for your drill-out and well test requirements. Our specially designed equipment makes it easy for you to maintain and replace screens when needed.

Our skid-mounted design transports easily and makes the plug catcher easy to unload and install quickly to get your project started as fast as possible. Our expert staff aims to provide a reliable and consistent experience with our industry-leading equipment and training when it comes to all manners of testing situations and high-risk environments.

Our plug catchers are each 6” x 6’ dual-barrel with 3″ inlets and 2″ outlets with bypass. They are all skid-mounted and rated 15000 PSI working pressure.

What Is a Plug Catcher?

Plug catchers (sometimes referred to as trash catchers) aid well cleanup by catching larger solid remnants and debris (frac plug fragments) following fracking. It is usually placed upstream of sand trap separators or choke manifolds in order to protect the downstream equipment and process.

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