Line Heaters

Our rental fleet includes trailer-mounted line heaters which can be easily moved between well sites. All line heaters feature 10,000 PSI coils and may be used in a wide range of applications. Our line heaters will help prevent any abrupt pressure drops while maintaining an optimal flow temperature. With line heaters, you do not need to worry about your equipment freezing or inefficient solutions such as burners or other high maintenance systems.

Cajun Energy provides you with the line heater rental you need whenever you may have issues with the development of hydrate plugs. Our packaged solutions are easy to install and will help ensure your oil and gas production operation runs smoothly. Our pipeline line heaters are available in upstream and downstream models, as well.

Line heaters are available in three sizes:

  • 1MM BTU
  • 1.5 MM BTU
  • 2 MM BTU

What Is a Line Heater?

In lower temperatures and/or during the Joule-Thomson effect, hydrate formation is a blockage risk during an oil field operation. Oil line heaters help maintain an ideal temperature so that the project can run smoothly. When a line is plugged with hydrates, there is a danger of increased pressure and may put a halt to operations.

It becomes a hassle to chemically or manually remove plugs which cuts into your precious time and budget. To prevent condensation and hydrates from plugging up any lines, a line heater will pump liquid through heated coils that is returned to the lines for improved machine efficacy and liquid flow.

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