Well Testing Services

At Cajun Energy, we understand the great importance of gathering reliable and accurate data regarding well testing so that our clients can make informed decisions during development. We are able to assist you with custom solutions that can include onsite fluid analysis, high flow and limited flow tests, and any additional testing that you may need to maximize well productivity.

Well testing is often a hazardous part of any oil and gas production. We understand the risks and our primary goal is the safety and well-being of all crew present on the job site. Our highly qualified technicians have the experience and foundation to help your oil and gas project run smoothly and safely.

Our expert team is equipped to operate in sweet or sour gas environments. You can depend on us to deliver the detailed and precise measurements and reports you need during the exploration and appraisal phases.

We have the experience and knowledge to create solutions that will meet the unique needs of every client in a timely manner so you can focus on making the right decisions for your business. Cajun Energy can serve every major shale play in the United States, making it easier for us to face your challenges faster and more efficiently than our competitors.

What is Well Testing?

Well testing encompasses a range of procedures that examine different aspects of how a well is performing over a period of time. A well test captures data from a well about its fluid volumes, fluid properties, fluid ratios, temperature, reservoir pressure, and much more.

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