Flare Stacks

Whether you need to inspect a pipeline or dispose of excess waste gas, our flare stack rentals can help your operation. Our portable flare stacks are complete systems that are designed for easy transport and assembly. It can withstand heavy wind conditions and fits nearly all applications.

Cajun offers a variety of trailer mounted flare stacks used for combusting waste gas.

The Flare Stacks are 40′ – 60” tall, 4” to 6” in diameter, and all feature onboard hydraulic lifting, allowing easy raising & lowering. Electronic ignitors can be used in either spot or continuous mode, and solar panels keep the battery continuously charged.

What Are Flare Stacks?

Flare stacks enable operators to burn off excess vapors and liquids and as a pressure relief point. It is an elevated piece of equipment where waste gas travels through piping and is lit at the end, where it flames out into the atmosphere. Flare stacks are elevated so that crew on the ground are not subjected to high temperatures. They are usually located downwind and away from process sites.

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